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Liquid assets the opportunity of life aquatic

Aren’t we lucky in the UK, we are an Island surrounded by water, our countryside is a lush and pleasant land, we have a beautiful Lake District and a complex network of canals and rivers that were once a romantic way of shifting our goods. I believe that as icebergs melt and water levels rise we will have more opportunity to take advantage of wonderful wateriness!

We have recently seen a proposal for a floating form to house the members of Parliament that could be parked up next to Big Ben, it could also be floated to a point of interchange between the Midlands Engine and the Northern Powerhouse. Boris Johnson’s vision of a floating village in Victoria Dock might just happen yet!

Envelope Architects have been inspired by the approach to housing by the Dutch, we firstly enjoy their Custom House building methodology giving maximum choice to the purchaser, but we are also impressed by their approach to building on water. We recently met up with founders of Blue 21, Netherlands who are promoting the ‘Blue Revolution’ where cities can grow out onto the waterscape rather than the landscape.

This is very much in line with our thinking… Envelope Architects penned it’s first off grid, go anywhere housing pod last October, we have been busy configuring different types of floating dwellings in the belief that major cities around the world have some floating enclaves in the future.

This week the New York Times cover the topic with Dutch Architect Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio. So in Summary – We embrace the notion that sea levels are rising and our land mass is shrinking – At Envelope Architects Ltd we think we can really look forward to being part of the Blue Revolution with our knowledge of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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