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Hyper Loop land cruises envelope architects suggest we could zig and zag

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop technology is being explored through open source. The concept is gaining momentum and there are plans being drawn up to run a stretch of the tubes from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Hyperloop One. The intention is that people, autonomous vehicles and even sea containers hurtle along the tubes at speeds in excess of 650mph. We are excited by this concept and perhaps Mr Dyson needs to be consulted to conjure up some further vacuum brilliance between London and the Northern Power House over HS2…

However we at Envelope Architects have been considering ways to improve the Hyperloop concept and got inspiration from an excess of 25 million cruisers predicted to board ocean liners per annum by 2019. So we started playing with the idea of creating a new hospitality segment we named ‘Land Cruises’.

Below: Envelope Architects proposal to sling rails to the underside of the hyper-loop tube to transport land barges and sea containers driven by electro magnetics.

There are currently three quarters of a million sea containers lying empty around the world as you read this blog costing shipping lines up to $20 billion a year. What if these could be converted into land barges and slung under the Hyperloop tubes. These barges and perhaps standard sea containers (suggesting they would not need to travel at such a high velocity) could be propelled at a leisurely 25mph. This would permit the occupiers to enjoy the desert scene with a gentle breeze.

There could be a watery oasis or marina where the barges could detach from the overhead harness and float off to a mooring under some exotic palms trees. Perhaps there is a watery stop-off point every three hours along the route, for high quality dining or for some dune boarding and camel trekking.

Above, Envelope Architect’s concept of stacking land barges as a cluster village around a marina.

As the barges are essentially sea-containers they could be stacked upon one another for a longer stay or perhaps the working week. In fact the land-barges could be live/work units and commute between the two cities during the week and some romantic setting at the weekend.

Our view is the Hyperloop is currently looking a bit like a pipe line for the oil industry – wouldn’t it be amazing if the ground below the tube could be irrigated to become the world’s longest field. If the ground covering was lush and the Hyperloop mirrored then the tube could become a levitated ‘green-line’in the desert enabling the landscape to be celebrated such as high quality land art conjured up by the likes of Christo.

There are a number of movements that could relate to this concept; ‘the Slow movement’ initially set up to counter MacDonald’s fast food growing popularity. Today this has morphed into a lifestyle approach which opposes the fast pace world we endure through the technological age. The Minimalist Movement is a lifestyle where we sell-off unnecessary stuff to live an un-cluttered life, so we do not need to have such large properties to inhabit and we can become more mobile. Both of these lifestyles can be attractive to the millennial generation that are unable to purchase a home in say London and therefore have more freedoms.

Finally our working week is due to decrease as the automation, robotics and VR goggles technology become more commonplace. We are all going to live for much longer which is great news.

So what are we going to do with all of our dwell time?

Well Land-Cruises could be part of the answer to this dilemma, perhaps Elon’s buddies might want to tweak the Hyperloop to realize its full potential.

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